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I'm not sure if I've come to terms with the fact it's April. Last Friday (31 March) I woke up thinking it was the 1st. After my panic subsided, I've been trying to keep up since. Friday was Jamie's last day. For those that don't know, Jamie was an OG here at the Bird and has worked with us since day one. (Next month marks 7 years). Her departure wasn't a surprise-a little sooner than we thought-but I am beyond excited for her and growing family.

Friday was also our last day open for a couple weeks. We plan on being closed until the 13th 🤞🏽-if all goes according to the plan. We will be painting, fixing, repairing and updating to get ready for a busy summer season. Viljo 👨🏻‍🍳 is working on new menu ideas 🤤 and I'm freshening up the wine list for spring/summer. I have tasted so many tasty wines that will pair beautifully with a sunny day sipping on the patio.

This month our wine club wines hails from Italy. To be honest, I don't usually gravitate towards Italian wines, but after tasting all the Italian wines last month, I panic a little thinking I might be missing out.


2021 Brigaldara Soave

2019 Papale Primitivo


G.D. Vajra N.S. Della Neve Metodo Classico

2018 G.D.Vajra 'Albe' Barolo


2017 Villadoria Barolo

This is the lineup for the month. Over the next couple of weeks I'll expand a little more on the selections. During this time we are closed - Please DO NOT hesitate to email (wineclub@midtownbluebird) me if you would like to pick up any of your wine club selections. For those that have the Sapphire white wine, I went a little crazy this month and did a sparkling-this tasty little number would be so good an Easter ham brunch/dinner. Even though things are crazy busy right now and all the things and stuff happen all at once, I am honestly so excited to bring you a freshened up Bluebird, add some tasty new menu items and continue to expose your pallets to new wine. Thank you for the continued support.

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  • Writer's pictureThe Bluebird. A Midtown Eatery.

Our bubbles this month hail from of course Champagne, France but more specifically the region of Bouzy. Domaine Jean Vesselle grows its own grapes and makes its own wine all on site. This lends to ultimate flavor and character. The family has an affinity to Pinot Noir, 90% of their vineyard are planted with Pinot Noir the other 10% is Chardonnay. The vines are cared for according to the lutte raisonée ('the reasoned struggle'). Dom. Jean Vesselle practice organic farming techniques and avoids chemicals-vineyard rows are plowed to avoid herbicides. In an effort to reduce its energy footprint the estate uses solar energy and recycles rainwater.

The vines are grown in the chalk of Montagne de Reims. (one of the 5 subregions in Champagne.)

Grapes are harvested by hand and pressed gently-then fermented in temperature-controlled stainless tanks. A second fermentation happens in the bottle (méthode Champenoise).

This month I'm bringing you the Brut 'Oeil de Perdrix'. Oeil de Perdrix translates to "eye of the partridge". The wine's has is like the color of a partridge's eye. The grapes are macerated less than 24 hours (for color) and then pressed; fermented on indigenous yeasts. This champagne is aged for 3 years in the bottle. Tasting notes read: "aromas of red roses, orange zest, white pepper and light herbs. Medium bodied." I tasted a red berries and a little pepper on the finish.

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  • Writer's pictureThe Bluebird. A Midtown Eatery.

This month the Peacock selection comes from Avennia winery. In 2009 Marty Taucher and Chris Peterson came together and formed Avennia. Through their partnership they developed the core principles of Avennia - "a passionate commitment to signature vineyard and natural processed in the cellar - resulting in timeless, world class wines that are solely an d undeniable Washington.

By the end of 2010 - they processed 16 tons of fruit, it was released in 2012 to great acclaim. They have relationships with some legendary growers which enables them to secure the best fruit in the state-Red Willow , Boushey, Sagemoor, Champoux, Upland, and Kiona Heart of the Hill Vineyards. Avennia also has an Estate vineyard, formally known as Tapteil.

The wine this month is the 2019 Avennia 'Arnaut' Syrah from Boushy Vineyards. This marks the 10th vintage. This wine is made with minimal manipulation. Native yeast are used, it is unfined and unfiltered allowing the "place/terrior" to shine.

I deferred to the winemakers notes on this one. Way more eloquent than MMMMM that's good. The fruit on this is what stood out to me. I got super Blue blueberries on the nose and pallet. This wine is not your average Syrah, it is complex and bold.

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