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April Wine Club - Indigo

One thing that stands out about doing Italian wines for April is it makes me realize how much I don't know about wine. I don't generally gravitate towards Italians wines but in the future I will think twice. One thing that I find tricky about European wines is the different names for grapes, the varietals I've haven't heard of yet. Case in point-the Indigo selection this month- the 2020 Azienda Agricola Brigaldara Soave. Azienda Agricola Brigalara is the producer, Soave is the region and the grape that makes up this particular wine is 100% Garganega. The winery uses a unique practice of cyroextraction to partially freeze selected grapes. This practice preserves the aromas and flavors of the grapes, it also prevents oxidation. I tried this wine back in February, and out of all the Italians white wines I've tasted since then, I remember this one the most. My notes read "like a herby chardonnay, hints of chamomile, lil' peachy-it is fresh and fruit forward with a clean finish." The Soave region is a narrow band of hills that are the remnants of ancient volcanoes. This also lends to a flinty Chablis style of white wine. We are working on a new menu and this wine would be perfect for the new Salmon/Asparagus dish we are working on.

For the red wine selection we are traveling south from the top of the boot to the heel of the boot to the Puglia wine region of Italy. Puglia is where you go to have an "authentic Italian wine experience." Puglia has almost 500 miles of coastline, it is also the top extra virgin olive oil producers. The region is know for dry heat and constant ocean breezes that cool the vineyards. Puglia is famous for the grape, Primitivo. The name derives from the Latin word "primativus; the variety that ripens the earliest, usually harvested in August. Negroamaro is another widely platnted grape in the South of the region while up in the north part of the region Sangiovese and Montepulciano are make up the main variety grown.

The Indigo red wine selection is the 2019 Papale Primitivo di Manduria. You know how Italians talk with their hands. When I tried this, my only reaction was this hand gesture. →

Primitivos are a cousin to the Zinfandel grape. The Italian Primitivo's are heartier and less fruity and less sweet than it's California counterpart, the Zinfandel grape. This wine has a deep red/violet hue. the aromas alone were so jammy and luscious. I tasted blackberries and hints of cherries. There are so many layers to this wine. Hints of cocoa in the mid palette and the finish is long-lasting and soft. Thinking about this wine is making me hungry. Pairing pizza is a no brainer, but thinking about the new Bluebird menu-the new New York steak, the duck, and the Bad Dad Burger would pair beautifully.

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