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December Wine Club - Indigo

On researching Louis Latour wines I am humbled that this winery has been around for over 2 centuries. 200 years of wine making. 🤯 I feel like what ever my puny opinions are they wont't do the winery justice. The website ( has a timeline going back over 200 years, and seeing French Revolution listed on there along with other major events makes me appreciate the winery and it also makes me want to try more.

The 2020 Louis Latour Grand Ardèche Chardonnay is an entry level wine in the L.L. catalog. The wine is grown in the western banks of the Rhone river, it is about 60 miles north of the Mediterranean Sea. The winters are mild and the summers are hot and dry.

This chardonnay has a beautiful yellow color, the nutty aroma is followed up by a rich, full mouthfeel. The persistant finish would pair beatifully with oysters, the Chilean Seabass is first and foremost in my thoughts with this wine.

For the red wine this month, I chose another Powers wine from Washington. The one this month is the 2018 Powers Cabernet Franc-Rattlesnake Hills. Remember the Carmenere from way back in March.

I'm sharing my love maps, and I wanted to give you an idea of where the juice comes from. I drove thru the area on the way back from Thanksgiving-this time of year was kinda boring, but its fun to see all the great growing areas that we are blessed with. This Cab Franc is really a elegant wine. Layered with all the dark fruits, I really picked up on dark cherries. The slate minerality is a nice touch, but again layered with cherry licorice and hints of vanilla. The tannis are strong and linger on the finish. If you are planning a Prime Rib for Christmas, keep this wine in mind.

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