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Wine Club August - Peacock

Rounding out Washington wine month is the 2017 Dumas Station Cabernet Sauvignon. I like my unintended theme of the month - simplicity in wine making. Dumas Station winery has been quietly going about their business creating solid wines. The awards are too numerous to mention. Dumas Station is located in Dayton (Northeast of Walla Walla on Highway 12). The winery/tasting room is located in a historic train depot that was built in 1906 and was used as an agricultural train depot.

Again with the theme of simple, back-to-the-basic of winemaking. This summer, I luckily was able to taste thru the Dumas Station line up with the winemaker Dirk Brink. (worked briefly at Coeur d'Alene Cellars). I really do appreciate any time we get with a winemaker. I try to absorb as much info they have about the wine, the process, and all the other tangents. What I walked away after tasting thru all the Dumas Station offerings is they are all solid, beautiful, well made wines. I've noticed when I taste a wine that is really good, I'm not sure if its so good it leaves me speechless, it's probably more like I don 't want to say something dumb in front of the winemaker. Maybe it's more like with a wine like this I'm taking a moment to savor all the layers and the pure expression of the fruit. This wine has all the big flavors you'd expect of a Washington Cabernet. Cherries, I leaned more towards a cherry pie cooked on a cool late summer day. There is a layer of baking spices and laser focused tannins frames the luscious mouthfeel.

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