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September Wine Club - Peacock

The Taub family had colorful beginnings-Martin Taub and his brothers got into the spirit business soon the day after the repeal of Prohibition. About 80 years later Marc Taub, (third-generation president and CEO) discovered they were bootlegging brandy prior to Prohibition's end. They found a presidential pardon from Franklin D. Roosevelt that was issued in 1935. The family was successful in the spirits business and started a wine and spirits wholesale business in New York. In the 60's they family founded Palm Bay International which brought Italian wines into the US market. Moving forward Marc Taub is focusing on Saracina vineyard. Marc Taub bought the 400 acre Saracina estate from John Fetzer. Marc purchased the property soon after his father passed away and renamed it Taub Family Vineyards. The site is located in Mendocino and is the only site in Mendocino that has wine caves.

“My dad always said standing still is moving backwards,” Marc recalls. “We create our own potential. We run a family business that has spanned generations, and one that is intricately tied to other family businesses. The close relationships we hold in such high regard have created a greater universe of family that we cherish and those bonds are deep. As a result, the ideas of family and business are very much intertwined. Growing up watching my grandfather and dad, I never imagined doing anything else, and I know the same is true for my son, Jake. The passion runs through our veins. Our family’s history in this business has shaped our present and future.”

There is lots of love in this bottle of wine. It starts with hand-sorting and fully destemming the grapes. Native and select Bordeaux yeasts are used. The wine was aged in 75% new French oak for 18 months. Lots of blue fruits on the pallet. The flavors are lush and complex. Try this wine with our Duck (Roasted duck breast, spinach/garbanzo bean succotash, apricot chutney, hazelnuts.)

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