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May Wine Club-Sapphire/Peacock

I was introduced to Brick House wines way back before Syringa moved to the current location. I'm geeking out because I like having the wine knowledge/memory to compare and see how the wines have evolved over 5+ years. I'm amazed at what I remember, customers orders from years ago, but not their name. I remember tasting the Brick House Chardonnay way back in the infancy of my wine adventures, and knowing its not your momma's California chardonnay and my baby wine brain was starting to relate Oregon Chardonnays to its big brother of Burgandy. Unbeknownst to me when I put this line up together we are sticking in the Ribbon Ridge AVA.

The 2021 Brick House will stand out in my brain again for another few years. Take note for those of you with Peacock subscriptions as the selection is a Pinot Noir from Brick House.

The winery is a small production facility, located in what was once the farm's horse barn. They produce about 3,800 cases, in 1990 they were Certified Organic and since 2005 they have been Demeter Biodynamic.


I had to know what makes it Demeter Biodynamic and what I gathered from Brick House website and the very detailed information I found at Don't worry I got the wine info...a very basic overview.

This chardonnay definitely isn't your momma's chardonnay. 330 cases were made. Roasted pears hit my pallet first, not that I roast pears very often but this is the flavor profile that stands out the most. The finish is dry and lemony in a meringue sort of way. The flavors are rich, but not in a syrup-y sort of way, the crisp finish keeps it refreshing and thinking about the menu items at Bluebird I would pair with this: Fried Chicken with Honey Miso, the Scallops dish of the moment and the King Salmon with risotto. I did hear Chef talking about Copper River Salmon...probably gonna want to check out the Insta and FB for specials when they drop-they tend to go fast.

We are leaving the Ribbon Ridge AVA and headed southern Oregon in the Applegate Valley. Quady North wines showcase particular varietals that thrive in the southern Oregon Rouge valley and they have over the years developed their estate vineyards and many more throughout the AVA. They too are organically farmed and LIVE certified....another 🐇🕳️

The Quady North 2019 Cabernet Franc is stunning example of what southern Oregon has to offer. This wine is rich and meaty but black cherry flavor stand up to the many layer of this wine. The wine is aged in French oak and lends itself to long term cellaring for 5-10 years. This wine isn't as seductive and luscious as last months Washington's Spring Valley 'Frederick' Cabernet Franchbut it's uniquely different and I think it's a great way to celebrate Oregon wine month. It would be a no-brainer to put all pinot noirs in the wine club of Oregon wine month, but from the wines I picked, and there are many more, Oregon is doing some cool stuff that isn't Pinot Noir.

May Wine Club-Peacock

Buuuut, for some reason it does Pinot Noir really really good. We are back in the Ribbon Ridge AVA which is contained in the larger Chehalem Mountain AVA and I picked a Pinot Noir for the peacock wine.

I tasted the 2021 'Les Dijonnais' Pinot Noir along side the Brick House 'Select' Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir. They are from different blocks on the vineyard, not that far from each other but how they can be two completely different wines baffles my tastebuds. The 'Les Dijonnais' is definitely the sophisticated big sister of the 'Select' Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir, both are equally well made wines, its just amazing what a little elevation and a different vineyard does for the wine. The winemaker's have use what nature has given them and used sustainable wine making practices and coaxed the grapes into the best versions of themselves. The fruit that shines through is blackberry. It shines through the bigger finish than you may be used to for a Pinot Noir. The acidity is refreshing and I even got hints of blood orange on the finish. The particular block was planted in 1995 and may be in its prime. This wine could stand a few years in a cool cellar.

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