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May Wine Club 2023

I didn't realize how busy April was until May snuck up on me. We have had some big changes in the last month. While we were closed for a couple weeks for repairs there was a lot of behind the scenes stuff still happening. Opening back up was like a brand new restaurant and we have had some new employees join our team and a big move was to have Sarah Champagne join us down here at Bluebird. Sarah has been our Manager at Syringa and we are excited to have her work her magic down at the🐦 Bird. I'm excited, as it will give me a chance to catch up and bring you all more wine club content. May is officially #oregonwinemonth and I am really excited to share the selections.

May - Indigo Wine Club Selections

Aside from being delicious wines, one of the reasons I choose these wines from Ridgecrest is because of the enthusiasm of my wine rep, Lisa - this is one of her favorite wineries which she's visited multiple times. Another reason I like these two selections is they aren't a Pinot Gris and/or a Pinot Noir. DON'T GET ME WRONG - I think Oregon does both of those grapes really well, remember January's selection with Coeur d'Terre, totally legit wines. One of the goals I have with wine club is to expose you all to wines/grapes you might not think you like. I really think you will like these wines. This month the white wine is a Grüner Veltliner and the red wine is a Gamay Noir. Stay tuned for more information on the Indigo selections this month


May - Sapphire Wine Club Selections

The Sapphire selections are more familiar selections with the Brick House Chardonnay and Quady North Cabernet Franc. In an upcoming post I will expand on these two wines and expound on the virtues of both the these wines. In the mean time think about this👇🏼

PORK CHOP - Walnut/Panko breaded pork chop, fennel/apple slaw, not so dirty rice.

If you make it in - both of the Sapphire wines would be killer with the Pork Chop. #foodporn


May - Peacock Wine Club Selection

And last but not least the Peacock selection is a Pinot Noir. It is another wine from Brick House winery and knowing a little background on the vineyard site and the winery practices this wine is an outstanding representation of what an Oregon Pinot Noir. Again stay tuned for a future post with more information on Brick House and this month's Peacock selection. 🪺 I wanted to do a little experiment and see if anyone is reading the posts. So if you've made it this far and you are an active member of the wine club come in and visit us for happy hour - I have an extra case of the February Indigo Red selection (the La Varenne Chinon) and as a perk of being a wine club member we want to you to have a glass of wine on us. While supplies last.

It has been a hectic month and there have been a lot of changes - but I am so excited for summer, I'm excited for you all come in and see the new improved bluebird and I'm really excited to bring you some more great wine.

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