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March Wine Club - Sapphire

The white wine selection for the Sapphire level is one that holds a soft spot in my me heart. For one it was the very first white wine we featured for Sapphire way back in May of 2017. The 2021 Latta Rousanne hails from the Columbia Valley, more specifically the Royal Slope AVA. This wine is has s rich mouthfeel, major hints of honey and the finish on it is clean and crisp

In general I have a soft spot for Washington Rousannes, I think they are exquisite. Rich like a Chardonnay, floral like a Viognier but less cloying.

According to the website, "Latta Wines puts uncommon varietals from the most unique vineyards in Washington state on center stage."

Kentucky native, Andrew Latta founded the small production winery in 2011. He worked his way through the restuarant industry and while working as a Sommelier in Thailand he was exposed to the wines of the world. About 15 years ago, without ever visiting Washington, he worked his first harvest in Walla Walla and hasn't looked back.

I had the chance to taste with him last month and run through his current releases. I'm pretty confident with the wine knowledge rattling around my head but when I get to hear about winemaking directly from the winemaker...I just try to absorb everything. All of his "uncommon varietals" are crafted with love and they are all great expressions of the grape. We will be running a wine special this month with his other label- The Kind Stranger.


The red wine selection for Sapphire this month comes from a winery that needs no introduction, Spring Valley Vineyards. We have clubbed the wines in the past and it would be hard to have Washington wine month without a selection from them. The history of the winery/family alone contributes to what make the wine great. Check out the links below to find out more.

For this March I have chosen the 2017 Spring Valley Vineyards 'Frederick'. It is predominately Cabernet Sauvignon, with Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah. This wine is

uh-mazing! The notes I have written down (not in any discernible order) herby, green peps, leather, Full bodied, blackberries, grippy tannins.

Check out this dashing couple.

I updated our Coravin list recently. The Coravin is a system that extracts wine without removing the cork. The list is inspired by Washington wine month. We are offering it in a 3oz. or 6oz. glass pour. The prices aren't your usual glass of wine price, but maybe you need to reward yourself for being awesome, or maybe just celebrate a random Thursday. The 2010 'Katherine Corkrum' is drinking so beautiful right now and the 2010 'Uriah'....I have a hard time putting into words when a wine is this good. Come try for yourself, while supplies last.

Aren't they the cutest couple. I was lucky enough to visit the actual vineyard on a distributor sponsored trip. There is a story that Frederick walked all the way from the farm into Walla Walla to meet Nina. It's quite the walk-if that isn't love I don't know what is. I ordered the Nina Lee for another wine club member. Don't forget to hit me up for any special wine needs.
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