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March Wine Club - Peacock

This month the Peacock selection comes from Avennia winery. In 2009 Marty Taucher and Chris Peterson came together and formed Avennia. Through their partnership they developed the core principles of Avennia - "a passionate commitment to signature vineyard and natural processed in the cellar - resulting in timeless, world class wines that are solely an d undeniable Washington.

By the end of 2010 - they processed 16 tons of fruit, it was released in 2012 to great acclaim. They have relationships with some legendary growers which enables them to secure the best fruit in the state-Red Willow , Boushey, Sagemoor, Champoux, Upland, and Kiona Heart of the Hill Vineyards. Avennia also has an Estate vineyard, formally known as Tapteil.

The wine this month is the 2019 Avennia 'Arnaut' Syrah from Boushy Vineyards. This marks the 10th vintage. This wine is made with minimal manipulation. Native yeast are used, it is unfined and unfiltered allowing the "place/terrior" to shine.

I deferred to the winemakers notes on this one. Way more eloquent than MMMMM that's good. The fruit on this is what stood out to me. I got super Blue blueberries on the nose and pallet. This wine is not your average Syrah, it is complex and bold.

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