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March Wine Club 2023

It's going to look a little different this month. I've gone back and forth on what I wanted to do. I am currently on vacation. I get back tomorrow-March 2nd. Before I left I did get most of the wine club wine stocked, I had a couple of cancellations 😔 and other clerical stuff that comes with wine club. One thing I didn't take into consideration is the newsletter. So to start, you are not going to get the unabridged version of the newsletter. Notes, opinions, maps, histories will be hitting the blog posts all month.


2021 Lu & Oly Sauvignon Blanc

2018 Powers Carménère


2019 LATTA Rousanne

2017 Spring Valley 'Frederick'


2020 Avennia Syrah


Jean Vesselle Brut 'Oeil de Perdrix'

Sign up/Register for post updates. I will have a few posts rolling out after I get back and I look forward to some fun Washington wines this month.

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