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July Wine Club-Peacock

I'm posting this video again because it pertains to the peacock selection this month. It like the Sapphire selection is from Mollydooker wines and the person in the video is the actual "Blue Eyed Boy"

So with out further ado, the Peacock selection for July is the 2021 Mollydooker 'Blue Eyed Boy' Shiraz.

This wine and the 'Gigglepot' is the from the "family line" of the Mollydooker wines. Luke is the wine makers's son and heads of the sales team. Gigglepot is named after his sister Hannah, who manages the tasting room. What strikes me about Mollydooker is their commitment to making solid wines. Their motto is " We make wines that make people go WOW, through attention to detail and commitment to excellence!"

Along with the patented Mollydooker Shake ™️, Mollydooker guarantee their wines by rating it on its Marquis Fruit Weight ™️ (the measure of how far back on your tongue the velvety sensation of fruit goes). If the parcels of grapes don't qualify at the the required Fruit Weight, the wines are not made. In 2008 they only bottled their Lefty wines and in 2015, they only bottled there Lefty and Family wines.

Click the link 👆🏻to find out more information.

The wine itself is beautiful representation of an Australian Shiraz. Right away the striking color of the wine stands out. The rich dark color lends itself to dark fruit flavors, think big juicy blueberries. On the palette the fruit flavors are fresh and full bodied. So many great layers on this wine. a great layer of cocoa and hints of vanilla. The wine was barrel fermented and matured in 100% American oak, with 55% being new and 45% in one year old barrels. Don't forget the Mollydooker shake when opening this wine and if you open this at the Bluebird, the Tomahawk or the Steak and Shrimp would be the easy choice with this wine. I would even venture to try it with the Duck:Roasted Duck Breast, spinach/garbanzo bean succotash, apricot chutney and hazelnuts.

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