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Give it a try...

Before Greg left he gave me the run down on the wine club, One thing I remember is he said the Washington reds are the most popular (I've got 2 months this year dedicated to Washington wines) Big red cabs are also crowd favorites and Pinot Noirs aren't very popular. Sorry, not sorry about the Indigo selection this month. The one thing that impressed me with the Coeur d'Terre wines this month are they are such a good representation of the grapes. Both of the wines are so approachable and go great with Wednesday night dinners. Later this week we'll have the big brother to this months Indigo Red Selection, we'll be featuring the 2018 Coeur d'Terre Heritage Reserve Pinot Noir. The duck ↓ with the Heritage Pinot Noir🤤, I've been thinking about this pairing ever since I tasted the wine back in December.

Roasted Duck Breast, Sweet Potato Mash, Charred Radicchio

I ordered extra bottles of the wine club selections with the intention to get in your glasses for you to try. If you make it in ask for a try (while supplies last). I've had customers in the past say "I hate riesling, pinot noir, white wine...." First of all Hate is a big word in my book, its just a little grape🥺 I think one of the fun parts of wine is what a little grape can do depending on so many different factors. There are hundreds, thousands? of different pinot noirs-I think if you keep trying them you are bound to find one you like. Don't even get me started on what a wine can do to enhance the flavors of your meal.

Speaking of meals we are gearing up for Valentines day. We will be celebrating Valentines all month long with our dinner special(s). You guys in the wine club will hear about it first. In the mean time, I hope to see you in here this month to try this month selections.

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