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New Year, New Beginnings

WELCOME to the new home of all things beer and wine at The Bluebird. My name is Autumn Basso, I am the owner and manager, my husband (Viljo Basso) and I also own Syringa Japanese Cafe + Sushi Bar.

We've had a lot of changes this year. We purchased the building that is The Bluebird. We've got some more repairs/expansion plan in the works,,,stay tuned. We want to be able to keep up with our expanding neighborhood.

One of the biggest changes we have/had is our Front of the House Manager, Greg Jaramillo leaving. He has been with us for over 5 years. Along with managing the front of the house he also managed our Birds Nest Wine Club. He went above and beyond for our members, and he put his heart and soul into the monthly selections. If his work here is any indication, we know he'll go on to do great things. Onward and Upward!

Greg's last day is 31 December 2022. Stop by this week and say Hi/Bye.

This picture is from a trip we did last year to Waterbrook Winery.

Another big change is us embracing technology and bringing you an imbibing blog. You will find all the Wine Club information here. Our newsletters are going to be interactive. I will be able to add links to websites, I'm excited that you will be able to leave comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts/opinions about the wine. I'm working on the selections for January currently, I'm carrying my theme of New Beginnings through to my wine club selections. I'll send a link to this page every month in my email. I've got other things up my sleeve for you'all this year for wine club.

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