Bird's Nest Wine Club


 Red, White or Both

$25 or under bottle/per month 

Kick ass wines that are meant to be drank and enjoyed now. No cellaring required.

1st invite to special events.

(wine makers dinners, wine events, etc.)

Tastings with wine makers.

Monthly newsletter.

Dine with us and we will waive the corkage fee on the wine club wine.


 Red, White or Both

$40 or under bottle/per month 


 Monthly or Quarterly

$125 or under bottle/per month 


 Monthly or Quartly

Champagne $100 or under per bottle 

Outstanding wines that have age ability and are made by top notch producers. Drink when you're feeling frisky or save for a special occasion.

Age worthy wines that are made by world renowned producers. Collectible wines meant to be loved, adored and cherished for years to come.

The fizzy river of happiness...we're talking champagne! The real deal, the preferred beverage of kings. Need we say more?

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