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Viljo and Autumn Basso opened The Bluebird in May 2016. The inspiration for the menu is inspired from their 20+ years of culinary adventures.  Viljo attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland, OR and landed a job at Rover's (Seattle) after an intership.  He also worked at Cascadia and Mashiko Japanese Cafe and Sushi Bar.  He helped open Saito's Japanese Cafe and Sushi Bar where he was the kitchen manager. Autumn attended Seattle Art Institute and studied Fashion Design.  In 2002 they moved back to Coeur d'Alene and he worked at Takara before opening Syringa Japanese Cafe and Sushi Bar in 2006.  In 2010 they opened The Garnet Cafe, they sold the business in 2013.

Wine Glass 2

Jamie Kayoko McIntosh cames to us after working at the Growler Guys with a serious passion for all the food and all the drinks. Jamie as worked at Smiley Creek Lodge in Stanely, Idaho, and managed the FOH at Saint Lawrence Gridiron in Boise. She manages the beer program puts together a killer beer list.

The Bluebird has been known to be busy, mostly during the weekends. When this happens, believe it or not, our kitchen stays the same size. We prepare all that fresh food made to order, so sometimes we can get backed up. Please be patient, we are trying to make the best meal for you. Visit with some of our favorite customers/friends.

And if you really like your meal buy the cooks a beer.

When you eat out just remember your money helps take care of a community. Your dollars help support out entire community. From the servers, cooks, bartenders and dishwashers. To the families of our suppliers: Northstar Seafood, Pilgrims Market, Food Services of America, Spokane Produce, White Cane Salmon, Snake River Farms, WSU Creamery, ODOM, Centennial Dist., Cru Selections, BRJ Distributing, Vinum, Click Dist., Barrique Dist., Hayden Beverage, Noble Wines, Verhs, Idaho Wine Merchant, Daft Badger, Slate Creek Brewing, Post Falls Brewing, Summit Cider and Mad Bomber.

Your money helps support many local families. Thank You.

Stay Local, Support Local. Eat/Drink Local. Live Local.

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